Rates and payment

Rates Hotel Schindler – Perchtoldsdorf

Rates per night and room including:

Our rooms offer highest comfort in the center of Perchtoldsdorf, still just 5 minutes from the Viennese border. We would be happy to welcome you in our hotel for your stay in Perchtoldsdorf, no matter if you plan to spend your holidays in Perchtoldsdorf and the culturally and naturally fascinating surroundings, if you want to visit in Vienna but want to sleep in a quiet environment in the countryside, if you are on a business trip or plan to attend a reunion, event or wedding in Perchtoldsdorf, we will be happy to accomodate you and support you in all your plans, as personal service is our asset!

  • Single room: € 48,— (€ 48,— per pax)
  • Double room: € 78,— (€ 39,— per pax)
  • Three bed room: € 96,— (€ 32,— per pax)
  • Four bed room: € 112,— (€ 28,— per pax)
  • Maisonette for one person: € 54,— (€ 54,— per pax)
  • Maisonette for two persons: € 84,— (€ 42,— per pax)