Breakfast & Co


Breakfast buffet

Our comprehensive breakfast buffet makes getting up easy: We offer not only a varying assortment of hams, cutlery and soft, hard and cream cheeses, but also fresh fruits and vegetables, jams, yoghurt, musli, cereals, soft boiled eggs and of course fresh Semmeln (classic austrian rolls) and different breads, both delivered each day in the early morning from the bakery. As drinks we serve coffee, hot chocolate or different teas according to your wishes.

Breakfast is served monday to friday from 6 to 9:30, Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 10.

Breakfast is included in all our room rates!

Self service fridge

If you feel thirsty at night time or want to have a drink at your room in the evening, please feel free to serve yourself at the fridge located at the ground floor. We offer a big assortment of soft drinks, mineral water, juices, beers, red and white wines for reasonable prices. Just write your consumation and room number down on the pad next to te fridge, we'll bill you at checkout on your room bill or separatly, depending on your wish.